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Hartwell Waterproof Deck Bag – Tangerine

Hartwell Waterproof Deck Bag – Tangerine

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Our brand new, Made In USA, 25 liter, fully submersible waterproof deck bag is perfect for all kayaking and stand-up paddleboard expeditions. And each bag features an airtight waterproof zipper that is submersible to 3 feet – so you don’t have to worry when your kayak or paddleboard rolls over!

Unique to the Hartwell Waterproof Deck bag is an integrated carabiner bungee system that allows you to quickly and securely attach this bag almost anywhere on your kayak or paddleboard. Best of all, the placement of the bungees and the waterproof zipper allow easy access into your waterproof deck bag, while it is still securely fixed to your kayak or paddleboard. Another unique feature to this submersible waterproof deck bag are the molle panels, which you will find on each side of the deck bag. The side molle panels (originally adopted by the US Military) allows you to attach all sorts of molle accessories, readily available all over the world. But this submersible waterproof bag already comes with 2 molle bungee retainers, and a molle collapsible/expandable water bottle holder. Each of these molle accessories are removable and/or repositionable. So you can put them where you like – or take them away.

Each submersible waterproof bag is RF welded of durable double-coated polyurethane over rip-stop nylon. Other features of the Hartwell Waterproof Deck Bag include a rear carry handle, 2 deluxe d-rings, 2 top accessory slots, and an adjustable and/or removable shoulder strap. Each submersible bag is manufactured by our family-owned business in Commerce, Georgia. Also available in the color Coyote Brown.  We think we have made the perfect Waterproof Kayak Deck Bag and Paddleboard Deck Bag rolled into one.

Capacity: 25 Liters
Dimensions: 14.5in W x 6.5in H x 22.5in L
Carry Weight: 1lb. 8oz.
Maximum Submersible Depth: 3 feet
Minimum Operational Temperature: -30 F
Maximum Operational Temperature: +130F
Color: Tangerine
3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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